Win a New John Deere

We were delighted to work on this web development project in conjunction with Upperchurch-Drombane GAA Club. A brand new John Deere 6140M is up for grabs in this fantastic tractor raffle. This project involved website design, search engine optimisation, interface design and web development. The draw takes place in March 2023 and we implemented a […]

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Ways to boost sales on your ecommerce website

Target your existing customers Businesses go through periods of highs and lows and it’s common for people to get discouraged and begin coming up with ways of getting new customers. Instead, it’s good to focus attention on customer retention. An interesting survey by Marketing Charts showed some interesting statistics which in short show that; 1 […]

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In-store POS and ecommerce integration

It’s clear that years ago many retailers didn’t give much thought to connecting their website to their in-store Point of sale system. Today however, for any retailer looking to take their business to the next level. It’s critical that these systems be integrated and working in sync. It’s predicted that ecommerce sales are expected to […]

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77.1% of Irish People Shop Online in 2018 and is expected to hit 79.8% by 2022

This is according to For more ecommerce stats check out our other blog posts:      

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How Your Ecommerce Site Can Compete with the Multinationals

It may seem like a great challenge for your new ecommerce shop to compete with the established multinationals but here are some ways in which you can differentiate yourself from them and provide a real service that customers are crying out for. Firstly, it is important to note that it will be very difficult for […]

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Irish consumers to double online spend by 2021

A recent survey by Wolfgang digital has shown that Irish consumers are poised to double their online spend by 2021. This is due to a number of factors . People are attached to their mobile phones for more and more and browsing online is a natural experience for most people now. The move from browsing […]

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Irish Ecommerce Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.6% by 2022

There have been many recent studies that show the Irish ecommerce segment is growing year on year.  Due to the use of mobile phones by consumers, the better  design of ecommerce sites and the easy nature in which people can complete an online payment, consumers are flocking to e-commerce sites in their droves and this […]

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Ireland’s largest ecommerce market segment is Toys, Hobby & DIY

One of the most interesting studies into the Irish ecommerce industry has shown that toys, hobbies and DIY are the three major markets in Ireland with most online sales. For many this would suggest that it is pointless trying to sell online in another market, however I believe the opposite. There are huge opportunities for […]

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Total Irish eCommerce revenue is expected to grow to 5.66 billion USD by 2021

The current total Irish eCommerce revenue is 3.99 billion USD, and this figure is expected to reach 5.66 billion USD by 2021 according to a study compiled by eShopWorld. This represent all ecommerce purchases by Irish customers over a 12 month period across all categories. The figure of 5.66 billion USD by 2021 represents a […]

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Lucky for Some – 13 Ways Our Ecommerce Websites Boost Sales

We have been in business since 2004 and in that time we have developed many ecommerce websites. Our focus is always about providing a real return on investment for our clients so that the money spent on ecommerce development is returned to them in multiples through their online sales. In order to do this we […]

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