Total Irish eCommerce revenue is expected to grow to 5.66 billion USD by 2021

The current total Irish eCommerce revenue is 3.99 billion USD, and this figure is expected to reach 5.66 billion USD by 2021 according to a study compiled by eShopWorld. This represent all ecommerce purchases by Irish customers over a 12 month period across all categories. The figure of 5.66 billion USD by 2021 represents a 41% increase over a 3 year period as Irish shoppers increasingly go online for their purchases.

The convenience of being able to shop on mobile phones from the comfort of their own homes more than makes up for the extra shipping costs in the minds of Irish online shoppers. With fast delivery throughout the country thanks to fleets of delivery companies and An Post, ecommerce is fast becoming the shopping method of choice for Irish consumers.

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The challenge for Irish businesses is to be able to compete with those already selling online. Competing with price is a false economy as it is impossible to compete with the high-volume sales of multinationals. The key is to be different, to provide quality, to have good customer service and have a real local person that people can deal with if there is a problem. It might be difficult to compete with larger companies if you have an ecommerce site but if you don’t have one you are not even in the conversation when the consumer sits down to search on their phone, tablet or laptop.

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