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Technical Details

– Client Slider

One of Casseos Requirements on the home page was to have each client in the clients section slide into view from the right one at a time. bxSlider – The Responsive jQuery Content Slider was the perfect match. We found that the wordpress version of bxSlider was lacking the options to create our desired functionality so instead we installed bxSlider manually and made full use of its API to achieve our desired results. This involved customising the JavaScript and HTML, in addition to the Advanced Custom Fields, to get a perfectly functioning slider.

One particular issue that was FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Content) which is a case of the web page loading prior to the loading of the external style sheet. In particular, this was occurring in the client slider. To fix this issue, we used one of bxslider options – onSliderLoad – to show the client slider only after the slider has fully loaded.


Job Search

Another major requirement for this site is to give Casseo the ability to add jobs and give the user to ability to search for and apply for these jobs.

In some cases making a request to a server would result in a page refresh so searching for jobs on Casseo using this method would mean a page refresh every time a user searched for a job. Instead we used Asynchronous JavaScript And XML or also known as AJAX which can be best described as a developers dream because it can send and receive requests from a server and update a webpage without loading the page.

Essentially, whenever search is pressed, the current selection will be retrieved, this data is then sent to a script on the server which then retrieves all jobs for that job type and that location, the data is then returned and the html on the page is then updated for that selection all of which happens asynchronously without the page needing to refresh.


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