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Having previously developed the functionality for this web application we were delighted to be given an opportunity to restyle this website. The client required a clear and modern layout with and easy to understand interface and simple instructions for the user. We styled the call-to-action areas to encourage the website user to signup for the service and become a customer. The logged in user dashboard was also restyled.

There were two distinct goals of this redesign:

1) To make the site look better
2) To make the site easier to use

we believe we have achieved this in the clear and modern manner for our clients.


website redesign

We had to redesign quite a lot of content on the home page but we feel we achieved a clear and easy to use website design


The logged in user’s dashboard has a lot of options so we used clearly labelled sections with meaningful icons and buttons to avoid confusion.

The logged in user website dashboard


We also created responsive versions of this site for mobile and tablet users and implemented site security to ensure that the site integrity is not damaged.

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