Ireland’s largest ecommerce market segment is Toys, Hobby & DIY

One of the most interesting studies into the Irish ecommerce industry has shown that toys, hobbies and DIY are the three major markets in Ireland with most online sales. For many this would suggest that it is pointless trying to sell online in another market, however I believe the opposite. There are huge opportunities for selling online that have yet to be probed.

For example many customers will search online for a specific product and will be unable to find it. Specialist products provide niche market opportunities for many businesses. Customers are willing to spend a little bit more on something that they can find in their local shop or can’t find any anywhere else online.

There are many opportunities to sell items that customers cant find, or don’t ship to Ireland

Another major opportunity is to sell items that are already available online but where the company selling them doesn’t ship to Ireland. There are many segments of the ecommerce market where this is the case and this is a huge opportunity for businesses in Ireland to take.

To be successful with your shop you don’t have to reinvent the wheel but there are some key things that you should do. Firstly identify what are your product is desirable to the consumer. Then see if it is already for sale online. If it is already for sale this isn’t the problem, as it just proves that people are already buying it from someone else. You can differentiate yourself by providing an excellent support service and after sales service and you will build a great reputation by doing this.

If you find that the product is not for sale this could represent a great opportunity for you. Or if you find that it is for sale but that the company selling it won’t ship to Ireland, again this represents an excellent opportunity.

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