Irish consumers to double online spend by 2021

A recent survey by Wolfgang digital has shown that Irish consumers are poised to double their online spend by 2021. This is due to a number of factors . People are attached to their mobile phones for more and more and browsing online is a natural experience for most people now.

The move from browsing online to shopping online is an easy one for many to make. There are many payment methods available with Credit card, debit card and PayPal being the most common. We now also see the introduction of phone payments with services like apple pay and Android pay. It is now easier than ever to transfer cash online and consumers are taking advantage of this, shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

When shopping online there is no pressure from the salesman to make a purchase whereas many would feel uncomfortable browsing extensively in the shop. There is also an opportunity for consumers to do price comparisons online as they shop, selecting same product from multiple sites, comparing price and comparing shipping costs.

But price alone is not the only factor . Consumers recognise that shopping online is protected by the same consumer rights that they would have when shopping on the high street. As the e-commerce flow has become more mainstream consumers are offered better support as they go through the process . There is a window of opportunity available  for businesses to set up an online shop. Right now is the best time  to begin  your journey into the world of online sales.

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