In-store POS and ecommerce integration

It’s clear that years ago many retailers didn’t give much thought to connecting their website to their in-store Point of sale system.

Today however, for any retailer looking to take their business to the next level. It’s critical that these systems be integrated and working in sync. It’s predicted that ecommerce sales are expected to hit over 4 trillion by 2020 eMarketer (2016)

The team at Irish Web HQ are witnesses to how technology has made it a breeze to set up an online store to support your physical one. There’s no excuses on why you can’t have a slice of the online market.

In fact, it is estimated that 81% of shoppers do online research before buying a product while 79% of consumers make online purchases.AdWeek

If you do currently have a POS System in store and also an Ecommerce website but both are working independently, think of all the effort it takes to keep both systems in sync. How much is it costing you in labor hours to process the order, deduct how many products are left, keep track of shipping information. This is not including potential human error when items are not deducted from the online store.

Imagine the scenario of a customer coming in store and purchasing the last item of a particular product. Another customer arrives online a few minutes later and purchases a product which is no longer in stock. Your now waiting to get the product in before you can send it to the customer resulting in a delayed shipment, poor customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Inventory management is tough and if your going to do have an in-store POS and ecommerce system, it’s critical these work together.

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