How Your Ecommerce Site Can Compete with the Multinationals

It may seem like a great challenge for your new ecommerce shop to compete with the established multinationals but here are some ways in which you can differentiate yourself from them and provide a real service that customers are crying out for.

Firstly, it is important to note that it will be very difficult for you to complete on a price basis with large established multinational companies, simply due to the fact that they have greater purchasing power and that they need smaller margins on their sales than you do. Price is not the area in which you should compete.

While it’s true that many customers focus on price as the most important element when making a decision there is a large section of the consumer base that look for other key factors when deciding on a purchase. For example being able to get in touch with a real person and getting support from someone who knows the product inside out is a major bonus for people when shopping online. Rather than them getting in touch with an outsourced support centre or having to deal with a different person every time they make contact, your customers will place a high priority on speaking to the same person time after time, someone they can build a relationship with and someone who understands their needs.

Another feature where you can differentiate yourself is in product quality. If you can stand out as providing a quality product whether it be clothing technology DIY your household appliances if you can build a reputation among your customers that you provide a quality product, then they will come back and become repeat customers.

Another way in which you can stand out from the multinationals is to become the face of your business. People like dealing with people. They don’t like dealing with faceless corporations but more and more have to do so. These days, being able to deal with an identifiable person is novel for the customer. Depending on the type of product you sell, if you can provide good after-sales service that your customer can rely on you are one step ahead of the multinationals. The peace of mind that your customer will have knowing that they can rely on you if something goes wrong will outweigh the minor price differences between your products and the large organisations products.

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