Irish Ecommerce Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.6% by 2022

There have been many recent studies that show the Irish ecommerce segment is growing year on year.  Due to the use of mobile phones by consumers, the better  design of ecommerce sites and the easy nature in which people can complete an online payment, consumers are flocking to e-commerce sites in their droves and this is only going to increase. For any business considering an e-commerce website there is a major opportunity right now to get into the market.

Whether are you already have a high street shop and deal with customers already are you a completely new business there is an opportunity for you to hit the ground running and generate online sales for your business. There are many markets that have been very lightly explored by online businesses. For example, while toys, DIY and tech goods are easy to buy online, There are many other markets yet to be fully probed.

In many cases it is still difficult for consumers to find what they want online.

A major advantage for any new business is the ease in which you can sell worldwide from your e-commerce site. You can define different shipping rates for different locations and you can also sell items in multiple currencies.

All of the ecommerce sites that we develop are easy to maintain and promote, and we will help you to become comfortable managing your own e-commerce website. If this is not something that you want to do we can provide this service for you.

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