Make your Website Content Relevant

Make sure that there is text on your site. Make sure it is good.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo love text. It is the easiest way for them to determine the content of a web page or website.  The text on your web pages, in your blog or news post and even in blog comments can determine your ranking in Search engine results pages.

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Everyone wants their site on top of Google and Yahoo, but how do we get there? The process is not simple and not quick but with a number of simple and quick techniques carried out regularly you can improve your rating significantly.

My main tip for ranking highly in the search engines: Ensure good website content.

It is important to understand how the search engines work. It is obviously in the interests of the search engines to return good results to web users. The web user goes to a search engine such as Google, types in a search word or phrase (called keywords) and clicks the search button. Google tries to find the most relevant web pages based on the users search terms.

Google has a stored database of references to websites it has visited or crawled. If it hasn’t visited your website you won’t be in their database. Google ranks each web page in its database based on its relevance to the keyword search. The most relevant results are then displayed to the user, with results becoming less relevant as you go down the list.

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Your challenge is to ensure that:

Search engines consider you relevant.

How do you do this? The simplest way is to add useful content to your site in the form of headings, text, blogs and links so that Google can read this content and mark you as relevant.

Closely analyse your website copy. Is it to concise and the point. Does it offer valuable information to the user? Is it keyword rich?

Keyword Rich Content

Keyword rich content is vital for successful website marketing. What doe keyword rich content mean? It means that your main keywords should occupy 6-7% of the text on your page. Firstly you should select a keyword or keyphrase that you think your target customers might enter into the search engines. Then ensure that this keyword or keyphrase appears around 7% of the time on your web page.

Results may be surprising. If your keywords appear too few or too many times change the page content to reflect what you have learned.

Where should you put keywords?

Keywords in plain text helps but adding them in the following places is even better:

  • Headings, eg H1, H2
  • Links
  • Page names eg keyword.html
  • Bold and emphasised text
  • Near the top of the page
  • In the page title

So remember, relevant text content is very important for the  search engines. Now might be a good time to analyse your page and make the necessary changes.

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