If you Market it They Will Come

Back in the early days of the web this was true. No major marketing was needed. Everyone wanted their piece of the pie, but there was plenty of pie to go around.

Today, thousands of new websites and blogs are created daily. The competition for online sales is intense. In such crowded waters it is hard to stand out. Like a good salesman, your website should reach out to potential clients rather than sitting back and waiting for the customers to stroll in the door.

These days it’s not enough to build a functional site that looks good. You must market it, and it must be marketed correctly. Millions are thrown at marketing that will never achieve any return on investment, simply because companies have a marketing budget that must be spent. However, having someone who knows how to spend it wisely is a treasure indeed.

Search engine  optimisation and  marketing and social media marketing offer a large return on investment. When we market your site online we promise not only to drive customers to your website, but also to drive customers to your site who are interested in your product. Misguided customers are unwanted and may event harm your search engine rating by increasing your bounce rate (the number of visitors who hit the front page of your website and leave without viewing other pages).

Why not contact Irish Web HQ to find out how we can improve your search engine ranking. We offer a free website analysis and quote. Make your website work for you, drive traffic to your site and increase your sales. Contact us now.

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