Secure Socket Layer SSL Cert Installations

It’s been a busy day working on our own website today.We installed a SSL certificate on our site for encrypting website data.
The prevalence of hacking and attempted breaches of security on all websites is ever increasing and damaging to all types of websites (not to mention those of us trying to keep everything secure). As a new departure, I am recommending to all clients that a SSL cert be installed on their websites for encryption of data and security. It is becoming common practice to have a SSL cert on websites nowadays and will be even more important moving into the future. A recent announcement by WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg stated that many ongoing features of WordPress will require a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in order to work correctly.
SSL Certificate installed on Irish Web HQ

Why install a SSL Cert?

Here’s a good article outlining why installing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is important for all sites:

Comparison of SSL vs No SSL on website

A SSL cert implements encryption of data on your site and prevents interception of unencrypted data by automated hack bots. Having a SSL cert installed shows the green secure icon in the address bar. It also gives a slight boost in SEO (according to Google themselves).

Another important aspect is that the login will also be encrypted so usernames and password cant be intercepted.

The Peace of Mind in Having a SSL

The Peace of Mind in Having a SSL – Image from Hubspot


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