Online Trading Vouchers for Your New Website

What is an Online Trading Voucher?

An online trading voucher is a grant initiative by Enterprise Ireland, managed through the County Enterprise Boards. The grand is up to a maximum of €2,500.

The purpose of this grant is to encourage Irish business to trade online, sell and accept credit card payments for products and services.At present a very small percentage of Irish SME’s are trading online. This is partly due to costs and partly due to what Enterprise Ireland see as a missed opportunity.

Online Trading Voucher

Get a Grant of up to €2,500 for Your Website (Photo – Tim Gouw)

Am I Eligible for an Online Trading Voucher?

To be eligible you need to have less than 10 staff and a turnover of less than €2m.

What Can It Be Used For?

The Online Trading Voucher can be used for ecommerce development, online software and ad purchases. If you dont require a standard ecommerce website you can still be eligible as long as you accept payments online for products or services. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase software that will be used online you may be eligible for a grant. 30% of the grant can be used for online advertising, but for this particular aspect of the online trading voucher, it must be spent in one go.

Still Not Sure?

If you want to discuss the potential features of your new website or need more information about the Online Trading Voucher contact us at or phone 087 7667974.

Does My Local Enterprise Board have More Information?

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