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We discovered HTML Kickstart recently and decided to put it into practice in the design of some new sites. Generally our website designs vary considerably due to the requirements of our customers. Some clients focus on the design of their site while others are more concerned with e-commerce or custom programming. We pride ourselves on all these web design services.

Website design HTML5 Kickstart

We created the new site to cater for clients who don’t want to spend too much but yet require a high quality website with excellent features. These designs cater for a wide range of businesses, clubs, individuals etc.

From the moment I first started using HTML Kickstart I was impressed. Joshua Gatcke created “an ultra-lean set of HTML5, CSS and jQuery files, layouts and elements” in order to help web designers with future projects. The first thing I encountered was how to create the website layout. The flexible grids and image placeholders were ideal when creating the homepage for the new site. The themes page was set up quickly and efficiently by applying the grid system whereby the overall width of the site is 12 columns. The layout can then be perfected by specifying column widths for each div that you have. This was how I achieved the nice fluid layout for our Website Template Designs.

Once the images were in place I added the slideshow effect which I think you’ll agree is pretty impressive. The enquiry button was easily added by choosing a size, colour and design. All I had left to do was add some pages and a information and the site was complete. It was only when I had finished that I realised how smooth the process had gone with no major code or layout issues and also I had some time to spare on previous websites.

I was very happy with the initial foray into HTML Kickstart and look forward to investigating it further on upcoming Web Design projects. On the subject of Web Design why not check out our 2011 review to see what we got up to over the last 12 months.

If you have any queries about our Web Design, E-commerce sites, Custom Programming or Cheap Website Designs please contact us with your enquiry.


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