WordPress Gallery Pagination – Free Plugin

This free plugin makes it easy for users to create paginated galleries using the native WordPress gallery shortcode. I’ve added an editor button to make it event easier for you to use this WordPress plugin.


This plugin has been tested on WordPress 3+. You use this plugin at your own risk.The author is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to your website by using this plugin. Please backup site content and databases before using this plugin.

WordPress Gallery Plugin Licence

You may use this as you wish without restriction. You may update the code as you please but the links to my site must remain intact. You may NOT resell this plugin or any variation of this plugin using this code.


Download the zip file, unpack and upload this plugin to your plugins folder (wp-content/plugins). Alternatively you may use the WordPress admin menu (Plugins > Add New) to upload and install this plugin.

In the wordpress admin section use the plugins menu to activate this plugin.


To create a gallery you must upload a number of images to the page or post where you want the gallery. You will see the number of images shown in the gallery tab after clicking the “Add an Image” icon.

To create a gallery return to the editor without inserting any of these images. You will see a new icon in the visual editor toolbar. This is the WP3Gallery button for inserting the gallery shortcode. Place your cursor where you want the gallery to appear and click the button.

The [ gallery ] shortcode is added.

That’s it, your plugin is now in use. Your images will now be paginated.


To customise the plugin you may want to change the number of images displayed per page or the colouring of the navigation buttons. The CSS file packaged with this plugin gives you control over the styling of these buttons.

To change the number of images per page change line 208 ($nums = 12;) in wp3_gallery.php from 12 to the number you require.

To change the sort order you should change lines 136 and 137.

Support my work

If you found this plugin useful please consider tweeting about the plugin or sharing the download page with your network: https://bit.ly/10n8b98

FREE Download

(NOTE: This plugins has not been tested since WordPress 3.0.) WP3Gallery

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