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Better Stats with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great resource for web developers, SEO experts or website owners interested in web marketing. This online tool lets you track visits to your website and shows you the actions of site visitors in minute detail. However, results may be skewed if Google Analytics is counting hits by you the site owner […]

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WordPress Gallery Pagination – Free Plugin

This free plugin makes it easy for users to create paginated galleries using the native WordPress gallery shortcode. I’ve added an editor button to make it event easier for you to use this WordPress plugin. Disclaimer This plugin has been tested on WordPress 3+. You use this plugin at your own risk.The author is not […]

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Web Design Tip – CSS Vertical Alignment

CSS Vertical alignment can be tricky. The old deprecated HTML method was using the valign attribute but this leads to validation errors for xHTML coders. For vertical alignment on your website you can use the css property vertical-align. However the parent element must be set to display:table; and should also have a set height. The […]

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