Hide your Brand Name for Better Results

You’ve created your brand, you’ve designed a logo and you’ve got great business cards. Now you need a website. So what domain name should you choose? The obvious choice is to register the .com or .ie of your business name, but this may not always be the best choice. Sometimes it’s better to avoid using […]

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Build Your Customer Base With Inbound Links

In the early days of the web inbound links were an important way of getting website visitors. Nothing has changed. Links are still an important way to boost your website traffic, ultimately adding to your bottom line. There are three types of links: Inbound links Internal links Outbound links Inbound Links Inbound links are links […]

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Make your Website Content Relevant

Make sure that there is text on your site. Make sure it is good. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo love text. It is the easiest way for them to determine the content of a web page or website. ┬áThe text on your web pages, in your blog or news post and even in […]

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